9 comments on “Better Parenting, Better Kids

  1. Another great post, Nonnie! It is so important to get our messages straight and accurate if we’re publishing them. As I’ve told you before, I’m new to the business of publishing and writing novels, so I appreciate all the advice I can get from yourself, Bruce and all the greats at RRBC. Thanks for hosting, Bruce!

  2. Awesome post, Nonnie. I rarely read “how-to” books, but a sure way to lose my interest is to write such a book using references & research instead of hands on experience. I hope you’re having a great time with your tour. Bruce, you’re a great hoat. Thanks for giving Nonnie a place to land today.

  3. Once again, this was another wonderful post, Nonnie. It’s so important for an author to know about the subject of which they are writing. Congrats and best wishes for your continued success, sweetie! xoxo 🙂

  4. Fantastic Post, Nonnie. I have both your new book loaded on my Kindle and just waiting for me to get caught up with things so I can read them. (I’m a bit behind I’m afraid). I’m looking forward to the reads and of course will review when I am done.

  5. Another lovely post, Nonnie, and such an important message. It is clear from all your writing that you do your research thoroughly. I wish you and your message every success 🙂

    Bruce, thank you so much for hosting Nonnie, today on this great blog :))

  6. Great tips on writing, Nonnie! I feel the same way when I write non-fiction/self-help books. As you know, I share your love of children and therefore write parenting/children’s books. I won’t write a non-fiction book about that which I have no experience or knowledge so when people ask me why I wrote the potty training guide, I tell them….because potty training has been my entire life for the past almost twenty years:) I DO consider myself an expert in potty training and teaching little ones:)

    I had started the Daydream’s Daughter book of yours a few months ago but set it aside because I thought I should give the other RRBC members a chance to get some reviews from me for a while since I had already reviewed two of your books:) I have been dying to pick it back up and only have two books ahead of it at this time on my TBR list. Can’t wait to finish it! I have truly enjoyed your tips and excerpts this week!

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