1. After reading that excerpt, John, your book is definitely on my TBR! Some people hate present tense and 1st person with a vengeance, but I just don’t care. I suspect that a lot of those “againsts” may enjoy it more if it were done well, which–I must say–you have done!
    I am thoroughly enjoying following you on your Spotlight tour, and hope you get a lot from it!
    Bruce, thanks for hosting John today. I love this blog 🙂

  2. Great excerpt, John! I haven’t tried writing in first person before, other than non-fiction. It does seem like a daunting task, but you do it well:) Have a great tour! Bruce, thanks for hosting!

  3. Hi John, congrats on your Spotlight tour. POV aside, I’m enjoying My Grl. I’m finding that I “have” to set aside to read it every day.
    Bruce, thanks so much for hosting John on his tour.

  4. I agree that the choice of the correct POV and tense can make a big difference in a novel. In my critique group, some of the authors experiment with different styles and it is amazing the difference they make in how the story comes across. Each one has its purpose. It’s all up to what the author wants to convey most.

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