24 comments on “Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author – Suzanne Burke

  1. Great post, Suzanne! Lovely pictures! Thanks for giving us a glimpse at your book’s locations. Thanks so much for being an awesome host, Bruce!!!

  2. I loved seeing these pictures, especially “THE GREEN SLOPES OF AFGHANISTAN. Near Dasht-e-Shadian In spring”–beautiful. It is fun reading your blogs and reading the book at the same time. Adds another dimension to an already great story! Plus, fun going to new blogs, too. Thanks!

    • Hi, Jan. The research taught me so much. I love exploring and learning such diverse things on that journey. Thanks as always for your marvelous support.

  3. What a wide range of territory and such stellar locations that get visited in your book, Soooz. This was an excellent idea for a post. I love the concept!

    Thanks to Bruce for hosting!

  4. Thanks Susanne and Bruce, for presenting us with such insightful glimpses into the background areas and places where this thriller happens. You have done a lot of research, which we as the readers will greatly enjoy, being put into a very realistic milieu. I’ve reblogged to my second website, MarethMB on WordPress. All success, Suzanne for the rest of your tour!

    • Maretha, again my thanks for reblogging! The research was very time consuming, but I gained so much knowledge during the process it was worth every minute spent.

  5. Fantastic idea, Soooz! The research you did shows so clearly in your work. Amazing! I’m just catching up with your tour. Really enjoying all the stops! 🙂
    Thanks for hosting, Bruce!

  6. Hi, Suzanne, it’s me again! I started following your blog and for some reason, I stopped! I don’t know why. I enjoyed touring your locations with you. I have been to some of them, some I have seen from afar, and some, I didn’t know existed. 🙂 Thank you, and thank you, Bruce, for hosting her.

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